Almost 60 and Jumping For Joy at the IMCA Research Center. A long way from handicapped parking stickers!

Hi, my name is Jack Mahoney. I am the founder of I Can Move Again and the creator of the 7 Minute Challenge; and I know what it’s like to suffer from joint pain.

After my 8th procedure for arthritis in January 2010, the pain was so severe, I was forced to leave my employment as vice president for a world famous New York billionaire. Like millions before me, I was sidelined due to joint pain.

My orthopedic surgeon assured me that, “there is no cure for arthritis”, and it was time to start replacing joints. I was 54 years old.

It was simply a premise I would not accept. I refused to give up hope of being able to “move again”.
I spent the rest of 2010 studying and assembling a team trying to get better. I learned that arthritis is not just a disease of the body. It affects the body, mind and spirit.

And what near crippling arthritis taught us was any approach that has a chance of addressing the impact of arthritis and joint pain will have to involve the body, the mind and spirit as well.

Four years later, tens of thousands of hours, with the help of research scientists, MDs, a prestigious university, clients, volunteers, athletic trainers, and others, I Can Move Again is not just a hope, but a reality.

We have taken the very best of all we’ve achieved in our research center and created a unique In-Home System that we hope you will try for just 7 Minutes a day, for just 30 days. If you do, we are confident that you too will say: “I Can Move Again!” All the Best, Jack

OK, I’m interested! What do I get, and how much does it cost?

That’s Easy! The Program is designed to work with the Body, Mind and Spirit over 6 months. During Month One – the first 30 days – the specialized “Body” components only take 7 minutes a day – 6 days a week. Watch the DVDs, use the equipment, and try the 7 minute-a-day routine. That’s it… It’s just that simple!
If You Are Not Absolutely Delighted By The Results, Simply return the System And Owe Nothing.**

I Can Move Again
In-Home System



You get our Ground-Breaking DVD ‘Body Works’ Collection – So Advanced our Medical Journal, Peer-Reviewed Research was only Published this Year!
I Can Move Again In-Home-System will transform your body and delight your Spirit!
• 6 Months of Workouts on 10 DVDs. Hours of Hand-on Instruction for Mobility & Vitality

As seen on
the TV Show
The Doctors!

○ Warm-ups & Joint-Friendly-Rollouts
○ Unique No-Impact Workouts
○ Stretching Routines
○ Resistance Training Routines
○ Aerobic Training Routines
○ Tai Chi Routines
○ Cool Downs
• BounceBack Fitness Chair (rated 100-250lbs) – “Best Fitness Trend Of Year” as seen on The Doctors
• How To Get Started Introductory Video
• 3 Subliminal CDs: Highway Healing, Music & Messages, Natural Healing for Home and Office
• Cutting Edge Deep Healing Meditation CD with Guided Imagery
• Comprehensive Workbook and Journal
• Joint Pain Survival Guide
• Premium I Can Move Again Tote Bag
• I Can Move Again Water Bottle

6 Months of Daily Workouts
for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Targeted Training for Joint Health
World’s Best Non-Impact Routines
Complete Fitness and Nutrition Plan

The World’s First and Only Complete
Library of Healing DVDs & CDs

Subliminal CDs for Home & Office
Deep Healing Guided Imagery
Tai Chi for Body and Spirit

See what it’s like to workout out with the ICMA Trainers.
Joint Health: No-Impact Exercise
Cardio: Get Moving Again
Strength: Create your best body

What you Get:

• 6 Months of Workouts on 10 DVDs. $180 Value
• BounceBack Fitness Chair (rated 100-250lbs) “Best Fitness Trend Of Year” $499 Value
• Patent Pending 3 CD Subliminal Healing Library $75 Value
• Cutting Edge Deep Healing Meditation CD with Guided Imagery $50 Value
• Comprehensive Workbook and Journal $20 Value
• Premium I Can Move Again Tote Bag $10 Value
• I Can Move Again Water Bottle $5 Value
• Order Today Special: I Can Move Again Pain Away Topicals $40 Value
• The Complete I Can Move Again In-Home System $879 Value


Don’t end another year in pain! Get the Complete In-Home System for the unheard of price of just $449.99(+S/H)

BUT WAIT! Try the Complete In-Home-System for 30 days BEFORE Investing A Single Penny!

That’s right! I Can Move Again and PayPal makes it easy to try the complete In-Home-System completely RISK FREE!

Use PayPal Credit and get 6 months same as cash. Try the System for 30 days before investing a single penny! If, within 30 days of receiving your order, you decide that the In-Home System is not for you, simply return the System. We will issue a complete PayPal refund, and you will not owe anything!
See guarantee/payment for full details. While Supplies Last. OAC. If over 250lbs, call for availability.

Or, if you’d rather use your favorite credit card, fill out your information below in our secure shopping cart.

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**Guarantee / Payment Details**

When Does my 30 Day Trial Begin?

Your 30 Day Trial begins on the day that you receive your System.

What do I do if I want to return the System?

Simply call us at 801-709- MOVE (6683) for a Return Authorization Code (RAC) during the 30 Day Challenge. Once you have the RAC, simply return the system within two (2) weeks of receiving the RAC, in good condition – damaged or destroyed components will void the guarantee.
Your return will be processed within 7 business days of receipt at our warehouse. Your refund will be applied to your original method of payment and will show on your next statement, depending on the issuing bank and/or billing cycle(s).

When will my Credit Card be Billed?

Your credit card will be billed when your order ships. PayPal Credit will be charged at time of purchase.

Do you accept Debit Cards?

Yes, we accept all credit or debit cards containing either the Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo.

If I would like to return my System within the 30 Day Trial Period, am I responsible for Return Shipping?

In order to give you the opportunity to try the I Can Move Again At Home System Risk Free, we guarantee the shipping and handling portion of your order.
In other words, unlike other companies, if you ask for a refund, we even refund your original Shipping and Handling fee. Other companies simply don’t do that.
If you do decide to return the System, we will refund your original S&H fees. However, return shipping costs are not covered, and vary by carrier and location.

How is my I Can Move Again Home System Shipped?

All Home shipments are shipped via ground shipping. Please allow up to 30 days shipping time.

  • Currently, we are shipping only to the contiguous 48 states.
  • “There Are NO I Can Move Again Deliveries Made To APO and PO addresses.”

Do your Warranties and or Guarantees apply to commercial use?

No, our Warranties and Guarantees apply only to retail purchases for residential, non-commercial use.

Bounce Back Fitness Chair™ One Year Warranty

I Can Move Again covers defects in materials and workmanship of “Bounce Back”
The Fitness Chair for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase, verified by your sales receipt.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. This warranty does not include any freight damages, or damage caused by misuse, accidents or alternations to the BounceBack Fitness Chair. This warranty covers indoor, personal, not commercial, use by people weighing less than 250 pounds.

How Does the PayPal Credit refund work?

See the PayPal Credit link for full PayPal details. If you place your order using the PayPal Credit Option, and you decide within 30 days that the System is not for you, follow the steps outlined above in “What do I do if I want to return the System”. The return and refund process will work exactly as outlined in “What do I do if I want to return the System” with the refund being issued to your PayPal Credit Account.

Answers to your Questions

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• Is this just for people with Arthritis?

Not at all! I Can Move Again is designed to help anyone who is looking to increase their level of mobility, happiness and fitness. Participants have ranged from a 23 year old collegiate athlete, to a 93 year Great-Great Grandmother with multiple health concerns, to regular Moms and Dads who just wanted to “get moving again” in a proven, safe, fun way.

• Are there any prerequisites to participate?

We recommend that you get you health care provider’s approval before starting this or any exercise program.
Those under 19 years of age, suffer from seizures, or take Anti-Seizure or anti-psychotic medications should NOT listen to the I Can Move Again CD Library.
Those who are pregnant, or take any drug for cancer +/or chemotherapy, or take Warfarin, Coumadin or Plavix should consult with a physician before starting this or any exercise program.
Those who have health problems relating to their back or spine should seek their medical provider’s approval before using this or any exercise system.
The BounceBack Chair is designed for people who weigh between 100 - 250 pounds. If you weight more than 250, call 801-709- MOVE (6683) for a BounceBack Chair for 250 - 350 pound users. We do not have a BounceBack Chair for those who weigh less than 100 pounds.

• Are there any weight limits to use the BounceBack Chair?

Our standard BounceBack Chair is designed for people who weigh between 100 - 250 pounds. If you weigh 250 – 350 lbs, call 801-709- MOVE (6683) for availability of appropriate BounceBack Chairs. We do not have BounceBack Chairs for those who weigh less than 100 pounds.

• Can children participate?

Children under the age of 19 should NOT listen to any I Can Move Again CDs, as they employ Subliminal Messaging and/or Binaural Beats. Children can, however, watch and listen to I Can Move Again DVDs (as the sound tracks in the I Can Move Again DVDs do not use Subliminal Messaging or Binaural Beats)
Also, the Bounce Back Chair is not a toy – but rather a specialized piece of fitness equipment, and is NOT designed or intended for use by children under 19 years of age.

• Who is I Can Move Again designed to help?

Anyone who just wants to “get moving again” in a proven, safe, fun way. The more out of shape you are, or the more joint pain you have, the more you will enjoy our protocols. We put it this way:
We created our system to help anyone who is looking to increase their level of mobility, happiness and fitness in the face of joint pain or a chronic sedentary life style*.
Health Care practitioners have referred clients to us suffering from depression, obesity, all types of arthritis, lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson’s, post chemo-therapy recovery…
If you are looking to get moving again, maybe we can help.

• I have very severe arthritis, is I Can Move Again right for me?

With your physician’s approval, if you can walk, limp, use a cane, walker or even a wheelchair, I Can Move Again was made just for you!*

• My arthritis or fitness level is not too bad, is I Can Move Again right for me?

Our protocols are for those who wish to take a proactive stance on joint pain, mobility and/or fitness issues. If you’re concerned that your overall fitness is keeping you on the sidelines, I Can Move Again can put you back in the game!
Simply stated: Our programs are for those who have made the decision that they would rather embrace life than accommodate pain or a sedentary life any longer.
If that describes you, we will stand with you. Shoulder-to-shoulder and side-by-side.

• What if I use a walker or wheelchair, is I Can Move Again right for me?

Absolutely, I Can Move Again can accommodate just about any fitness level.

• I have several medical conditions can I safely participate?

With your physician’s approval, I Can Move Again can assist anyone who is looking to increase their level of mobility, happiness and fitness in the face of joint pain or chronic sedentary lifestyle. Talk to your health care provider to know for sure if I Can Move Again might help you. To date, health care providers have referred clients with one or more of the following: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Sleep Issues…
Your In-Home-System is designed to work with wide range of fitness levels. Some users stay on Day 1, or Week 1, for extended periods of time while they gradually increase their fitness/comfort level. Others, who may be more fit, move quickly though the 6 month program – perhaps after Week 1, they may choose to skip ahead to Month 3, 4 ,5 or 6.

• What is the mission of I Can Move Again?

“To restore health, hope and happiness in the face of joint pain.”

• What makes I Can Move Again different?

Our protocols interact with the whole person: Your Health, Your Hope and Your Happiness.
Whether you are just slightly out of shape, limping, using a cane or walker, even using a wheelchair, our protocols will lead you to greater levels of personal satisfaction and achievement.
We’re so confident in your results, we provide a complete money-back “Happiness Guarantee”. You will be “happy” with your results-however you define that-or your money back. Now that’s different!
See Guarantee for full details.

• Has I Can Move Again been tested and studied?

Yes, after three years of research and development, the I Can Move Again protocols underwent rigorous scientific testing in 2013. Our findings were published in a leading peer-reviewed medical journal in 2014. Participants saw, on average, improvements in 86 dimensions of physical, social and emotional health[3]*.

• Do you really guarantee your results?

When it comes to the Human Body: No one can guarantee results. However, we are so confident in our In-Home-System, that we offer you a full money-back “Happiness” guarantee. If, after using the In-Home System for 30 days, you are not happy for any reason, simply return the system and pay nothing!
See Guarantee / Payment for full details.

• How long has I Can Move Again in a business?

I Can Move Again was incorporated and began research in May 2010. Thousands of hours of R&D has lead us to a truly breakthrough protocol in restoring Health, Hope and Happiness for those suffering from chronic joint pain* and sedentary lifestyles.

• Do I need to wear special clothing?

Not specifically. Comfortable clothing is advised as well as avoiding scarves, loose fitting sleeves or long hair that could potentially become entwined in the springs of the Bounce Back Chair.

~See pricing

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.*

** See Guarantee Details above for full payment / guarantee details **

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